After obtaining the sawdust obtained by drying and grinding the residues of pine wood, we store it under suitable conditions before the pine pellet production process.

The pine pellet production process consists of three stages: drying, grinding and pelleting. In the first stage, we dry the sawdust, which has about 40-50% humidity, in the chip oven, reducing the humidity to about 10-15%.

Then we purify it from foreign materials such as stone, metal, various pieces of wood. In order to turn the cleaned sawdust into pellets, we compress it with high pressure and as a result of the compression process, we obtain pine pellets with a diameter of 6-7 mm. Due to the heat caused by friction in the pressing stage, we pass the pellets through the cooling process and reduce the temperature to 20 degrees, and then pack them as the last step.

Pine pellet, which is one of the bioenergy sources, is used for heating and industrial purposes. Our pine pellets, which we produce from 100% pine residues, do not contain any additives.

Since the use of chemical pellet products harms the environment, it also reduces the yield, so it is necessary to be careful when choosing pellets.